Forever Together X - mini


The people of Kaili, in southern China, take simple threads and intricately weave them into bold tapestries of great beauty and resilience. Not a big leap to a metaphor for friendship.

As an individual, we only get stronger and more brilliant when interwoven with others. When we’re like-minded, we connect seamlessly. But don’t take it for granted – tug too hard and it may unravel; leave it unloved and it could fade.

So honor your bestie with one of these clutches, and let her know the two of your are forever intertwined (or keep it and just let her borrow it…a true friend will understand).

Woven fabric exterior, made by the Miao people in Southern China

Cotton canvas interior, yellow


21cm x 13.5cm


The vintage nature of the textiles used to make Friends that Rhyme clutches can sometimes lead to slight imperfections in the fabrics. We relish the history and character of these pieces, which makes them perfectly imperfect.

Prices include European VAT.

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